Welcome to Return Music


Roger writes: “ReturnMusic.co.uk is so named for two reasons. First it is named after The Return; the musical I wrote in 2002. Secondly it stems from my favourite concise definition of worship“Returning God’s love”. This website is set up for God’s glory, as an act of worship – to return to Him a tiny part of the amazing love that God has demonstrated for each of us.”

Roger’s music has always been very well received at his local church. In the last few years, partly through his involvement with both Music & Worship Foundation and The Jubilate Group, his music has had a wider exposure. The enthusiastic response around the country has prompted him to set up this website. The intention is to provide a resource for Christian musicians that will enrich the worship of many churches.

If you wish to contact Roger please e-mail: roger@returnmusic.co.uk